I'm Dr. Jenny Talbert

Hi there!

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I'm a Fat Chiropractor in Portland, Oregon specializing in helping folks in larger bodies reduce pain and move more comfortably.

I have personally experienced living in a large body, so I understand anti-fat bias from both the patient's and provider's perspective.

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A little more about me...

I am a Chiropractor

I knew I was going to be a chiropractor when I was 14 years old. I never saw doctors who were fat so I assumed I had to be thin for people to take me seriously. I was convinced my patients would not listen to me if I were fat.. I was wrong.

Intuitive Eater

In 2018, I gave up dieting and spent so much time learning about intuitive eating and ways to overcome my orthorexia and restrictive eating. I learned about intuitive eating and my body normalized, meaning I gained weight and that's ok


I am committed to the Health At Every Size® principles. This is an alternative to the weight-centered approach to treating patients of all sizes. It is also a movement working to promote size acceptance, to end weight discrimination and stigma, and to lessen the cultural obsession with weight loss and thinness.

Joyful Mover

I was tired of not seeing my body type represented in the chiropractic and physical therapy world, so I’m creating a space to show you body movements that can help heal injuries and make you feel more comfortable. I will give you modifications for fat people all shown on a body that looks like yours

dr. jenny Talbert's Favorite Body Tools

Cream Doodle Blogger Accessories

The Fat Chiropractor

Cream Doodle Blogger Accessories

1) Self-Massage Ball

An excellent tool for self-myofascial release, these balls can help reduce tightness and soreness in your muscles and connective tissues. Its little spikes on the Naboso stimulate the small nerves in your feet..

Foot self massage with tennis ball, fascia release
Traditional Print Organic Beachgoers Plus Size Woman Indian Sit

2) Foam Balance/Knee Saver

Kneeling, sitting, and balancing can all be practiced with this product. It is excellent for saving your knees when getting off the floor!

A Cheerful plus Size African American Woman Jumping Rope.

Great for stretching your hamstrings and shoulders, the loops provide multiple options for holding without over-gripping.

3) Stretch OUt Strap

Plus Size Woman Doing Yoga

4) Suspension trainer

If you struggle with squats or lunges, these straps are ideal for helping your lower body with your arms. The adjustable straps make it easy to tailor your workout, so you can make the most of the exercises.

5) Forearm Recovery

Plus-Size Girl Takes Care of a Houseplant.

This is essential for anyone who works at the computer or is a fellow body worker. Armaid is specifically designed to work on tight muscles, tendons and ligaments in the forearm, wrist, hand and elbow areas.

dr. jenny Talbert's Favorite Body Tools

Cream Doodle Blogger Accessories

The Fat Chiropractor

Cream Doodle Blogger Accessories

Use this to massage hard-to-reach trigger points between your shoulder blades and neck.

*Tip- hold down on a sore spot and try moving your neck or arm to get a deeper stretch

6) Trigger Point Massage Hook

Sitting Plus Size Woman in Swimsuit
Plus Size Woman Stretching

7) Yoga Mat

I love this yoga mat; it's durable and wider than a standard one. Plus, your and feet won't slip!

A Girl with Varicose Veins. a Woman with Pain in Her Legs and Blood Vessels.

8) Self-inflating Back pillow

Provides customizable back support and is ideal for air or car journeys, as it rolls up neatly and compactly.

women meditating

9) Neck Traction and Posture Corrector

Relieve neck pain and improve forward head posture after spending long hours looking down at your phone or computer.

Foam rolling can be difficult to access due to the uncomfortable positions it requires or the pain it causes. A soft-density foam roller is a great place to start.

*Tip: even easier start, try using a 36-inch roller against a wall instead of the floor.

Foam Roller Equipment

10) Soft foam Roller